This is just going to be a quick post about a thought I had a little earlier.  I wonder if all these prefixes we put before “American” are harming our nation’s unity.  I think they’re more destructive than intended.  Heritage is wonderful and I agree with celebrating it, but I don’t think it’s doing anything to help us become united when we’re so determined to separate ourselves by putting a prefix before our “American” title.  I don’t call myself an English-American or a German-American.  Why does the melting pot have to be so divided?  We’re a big vat of everything and that’s what makes America awesome.  We’re not a little vat of nickel, a little vat of silver, and a little vat of gold that happen to be in the same refinery.  No we’re nickel and silver and gold and all that great stuff all mixed together.

Then this makes me wonder if I’m doing more harm than I intend by identifying myself as a “super girly gamer chick”.  I suppose I should just be a gamer.  Yeah I happen to be super girly and a chick, but I shouldn’t let that partially separate myself from the gaming community.  We’re all gamers.  That’s it.  Right?  I suppose I’ve got some soul-searching to do.