Well my flights have been booked.  I’ll be flying out on Oct. 7 and arriving in England on Oct. 8.  Then I will begin a whole new life.  Scary thought!  I’m filled with a whole flurry of bipolar emotions.  I knew the day was coming but until I got my visa in the mail about a little over a week ago, it didn’t really hit me.  When that settlement visa came and was in my hands, it really started to sink in.  I’m leaving my entire life in America and moving to England.  Sure, I’ve visited England quite a few times, but I’ve never stayed there for more than a month at a time.  This is going to be very different… an adventure and a culture shock.

Instead of a resume, I’ll need to have a CV.  My husband says it’s the same thing, but I know there must be a different format and slightly different rules that I haven’t figured out.  This has caused quite a bit of stress… being so unsure of everything.  Uncertainty has been more stressful than all the money I’ve had to fork out and the immense amount of paperwork I’ve had to work through.  Will I fit in over there?  Will I be able to get a job?  I know I’m qualified, but will I be seen as a stupid American hick despite what my CV says?

I’ve only seen the flat we’ll be living in through pictures my husband e-mailed to me.  What if I don’t like it?  It looks really small in the pictures.  Is it really that small?  Or worse… is it even smaller than it appears in the pictures?

My in-laws are amazing, though.  Most people complain about their in-laws.  There are many jokes about horrible in-laws, especially meddling mother-in-laws.  I get along with my in-laws wonderfully.  I take comfort knowing that I won’t be completely alone over there.  I have a fantastic husband who will help me if I need it and I know my in-laws would be willing to help me out as well.  So I know it’ll all be okay.  There’s still so much uncertainty that I can’t help but feel quite anxious about it all.  My main concern is employment.  I really hope I’ll be taken seriously and not dismissed just because I’m an American, particularly an American from south Georgia.