Well I’m all set up in England.  Sorry for the disappearance.  We moved into our flat on Oct. 20 & didn’t get Internet until Oct. 28.  I’ve already had a bit of culture shock… brought on by, of all things, an electric toothbrush.  It’s rechargeable, but I wasn’t aware that it didn’t have a normal plug (like this) when I bought it.  I opened it up to find that, no, it plugs into one of these crazy things.  This led to the realisation that the bathroom in our flat actually does not have one single electric outlet in it!  I sat on the floor looking under the sink in hopes that an outlet was hidden under there.  Then, I got a little grumpy and wondered what bathroom does not have an outlet in it?!  I have never seen a bathroom that didn’t have at least one outlet.  Thankfully I’ve found out there are adapters that will allow me to use the 2 rounded prong plug in a standard outlet.  Crisis over for now.  Wonder what I’ll find next.