Oopsies.  It’s been too long since I updated.  I’ve just been so busy I haven’t realy had much time.

So what’s new?  Quite a bit.  I’m feeling less guilty about my uncle.  I’ve got a job now.  So things seem to be working themselves out.  my job is a temp job, but it’s work.  Money is money.  It gets me out of the house during the day so my hubby can sleep.  He still doens’t sleep very well, but I know it’s not my fault anymore.  Once I get a permanent job, he can find a job with regualar working hours.  I can’t wait for that day to come.  It’s so strange now goign to bed without him at night, seeing him for a few minutes in the morning, and then heading off to work.  Then I come home, see him a few minutes, and he heads off to his job.

At least I feel productive now.  I’m actually contributing something other than household cleaning and laundry service to our household.  It feels nice.

I like my job.  the people I work with are super nice and really fun.  I make calls to companies trying to set up appointments to sell them IT security stuff.  It’s fun to be talking about geeky things at work again.  I’ve missed getting to talk about VPNs, IPS, and all that good stuff on the job.  Brings me back to the days I worked ni IT at uni.  Except at this job, I’m just talking to people.  I don’t actually get to do

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